Workouts with 3 difficulty levels:
  • Day-before-surf (prepare for the next surf session)
  • Paddling (arms, shoulders, back)
  • Popup (upper and lower body, core flexibility, popup practice)
  • Core muscles
  • Back muscles

Day-before-surf workout

18 moves

3 difficulty levels

20-32 minutes

This workout is designed for the day before surfing. It gets you primed for the next day's session with a balance of exercises for arms, shoulders, back and core muscles.


You should not be completely exhaused after this workout - choose a lighter version if needed so that the next day you can hit the water feeling fresh and ready to rip.

Paddling workout

3 rounds, 5 moves

3 difficulty levels

20-29 minutes

This workout concentrates on the most critical aspect of surfing - paddling power and endurance. Without paddling power you don't get to the lineup, you can't try to popup and ride a wave. If you have time for just one workout per week, make it this one.

Popup workout

9 moves

3 difficulty levels

8-13 minutes

You want your popup to be fast and precise, so that you get firmly to your feet each time and down the line as quickly as possible. This workout tests your arms, core and legs with the aim of that effortless looking popup you see on surf videos all the time.

Core workout

12 moves

3 difficulty levels

13-21 minutes

This workout targets your core muscles.

Back workout

5 moves

3 difficulty levels

6-11 minutes

This workout targets your back muscles.

Pre-surf warmup

18 moves

9-18 minutes

When you arrive on the beach and check out the surf, its always good to warmup. This workout covers the main muscle groups you will be needing during a surf session.

After surf stretching

11 moves

14 minutes

After a heavy session its good to stretch the whole body and get ready for the next day...

Morning mobility

13 moves

10-19 minutes

A great way to start the day, stretching and improved mobility to boost your surfing.